Tiled conservatory roof prices

Are you in the market for a new conservatory for your home and considering the cost of tiled conservatory roof prices? If so, then read on because here at P&K Home Improvements, we are approved installers of both Guardian and Ultraframe roof tiles. Both of these we consider leading brands and producers of contemporary conservatory roofing.

Tiled conservatory roof prices: Glass, PVC and Tiled

 It is perfectly possible these days to have a new polycarbonate or glass roof installed. Glass can prove expensive, but it does bring in lots of light, and you’ll get heat from the sun (although maybe too much during the summer months).

A polycarbonate roof is far less expensive but doesn’t have the same thermal properties as glass, so you can expect to pay a bit more for your heating during the winter months. If you want your conservatory to have a contemporary look, you are better off opting for a solid, tiled, pitched roof.

Why Choose a Tiled Roof?

You can still have daylight flooding into your conservatory when you choose a tiled roof; you just have to add a skylight or Velux roof windows. The lightweight synthetic tiles in a Guardian or Ultraframe roof are added to the conservatory walls and the internal ceiling plastered over.

Tiled conservatory roof prices: eco-friendly

Having a tiled, pitched roof not only looks great, but it will also save you money because these tiles are far more energy efficient than previous conservatory roofing solutions. Not only will they save you money on your heating in winter and air-conditioning bill in summer, but they can also help you cut back on your water bill. That’s because the pitched roof will enable rainwater to fall into a barrel placed at one of the corners. You can then use this discarded rainwater to water your garden or flush the toilet.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Prices: get in touch

To find out more about having a new conservatory roof added to your existing conservatory, or the cost of having a new conservatory built from scratch, get in touch with us here at P&K Home Improvements.

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