Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof

Are you thinking of putting a solid tiled roof on your conservatory?

  • P&K Home Improvements are expert solid conservatory roof installers.
  • We have lots of experience replacing old glass and polycarbonate roofs
  • Asolid tiled conservatory roof will transform your conservatory overnight!

Why Choose Us?

P&K Home Improvements pride themselves on the work they do every day. They transform homes in Norfolk every day by providing them with conservatories that have Solid Tiled Conservatory Roofs. A conservatory with a solid tiled conservatory roof, like a Guardian Warm Roof, is a space you want to relax in.

Guardian Warm Roofs

Guardian Warm Roofs are exceptional in the conservatory roof industry. Not only do they look elegant and timeless, but they also provide superb thermal performance. Soon after having your solid tiled conservatory roof installed, you will see a big reduction in your energy bills. As such, they are not just kind to your wallet, they are also kind to the planet.

The increased thermal performance of a Guardian solid tiled conservatory roof is due to its ability to maintain a consistent temperature by creating less glare from the sun. They are also quieter making them little oases of calm in your home. This is something that we all need now that so many of us are working from home.

Create a more usable room

Having an extra room to retreat to for some calm and alone time makes all the difference to your quality of life. Replacing your tired, old and inefficient conservatory roof with a solid tiled conservatory roof will restore functionality to your conservatory. It turns the space into a room that will be used by your family all year round, and that looks brilliant.

When you have decided that it is time to reclaim your conservatory as your home yoga studio, home office or artist’s studio, it's time to call P&K Home Improvements. They will help you bring your conservatory dreams to life by assisting you every step of the way.

How We Work

The journey towards your new dream home office begins with a relaxed, no pressure appointment where they survey your property and provide you with a quote for the job. You will receive the quotation within 48 hours of their visit.

There is no irritating negotiation process. You are given the best price, first time. After that, the decision to proceed is left entirely in your hands.

Your new solid tiled conservatory roof is just a phone call away. Call P&K Home Improvements today on 01603 563278.