Guardian Solid Roof

Are you looking for a guardian solid roof for your Norwich conservatory?

  • P&K Home Improvements are ‘Team Guardian’ approved installers
  • We have nearly 20 years’ experience in the conservatory business
  • A Guardian solid roof will transform your conservatory overnight!

Conservatory Roofs

Most conservatories don’t get the use they should – usually because they’re hot like a greenhouse or cold like a fridge.

Either scenario means a ‘what could be useful’ space is left unused, and that’s a shame. Replacing your existing inefficient roof with a Guardian Warm Roof makes total sense. You’ll enjoy instantly improved thermal efficiency and a room you can use all year.

Replacing your inefficient conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof System will bring you several benefits.

The carbon footprint of your property will be lower because of the insulation, and that means you’re wasting way less energy and you’ll see the difference when you get your energy bills.

You’ll also experience less noise from outside, as well as less glare and even temperatures.

Guardian Roof Systems

Guardian warm roof systems are one of the leading conservatory warm roof systems in the UK.

They have a 10-year guarantee, and are LABC approved, so comply with all local building regulations. Independent tests have proven that you’ll start saving money on your energy bills from day 1.

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If you’re thinking about replacing your conservatory roof with a solid insulated version, we’ll be able to help.

As Team Guardian approved installers, we have plenty of experience with Guardian Roof Systems in Norwich and the surrounding areas.

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