Solid Roof ConservatoryThe Problem With Conservatories, Solved

Do you ever think about the roof on your home? Probably never, unless of course something goes wrong. Your roof does an amazing job, it keeps you warm and dry, cool and comfortable, protects from the wind, rain, hail, snow, and the sun. It is a crucial piece of workmanship that is taken for granted. It is always there, doing its job, making your home livable.

When choosing a conservatory roof many opt for a lovely glass or perspex roof so that they can enjoy the sunshine and feel like they are sitting outdoors. The problem with this is that these roofs don’t have the insulation properties required to do the job that the roof on your house does. A lovely glass roof is perfect on a day when the temperature is just right, not too much sun, not too cold. Just right. How many days are there like this a year?

Sadly many find that their conservatories are useless for a large part of the year. With little insulation the space becomes too hot in the summer months to enjoy and far too cold in the winter. The good news is that there is a solution, a Guardian solid roof.

Year-round use

Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof will provide a pleasant ambient temperature that is consistent throughout the year. Your conservatory can be used as you intended as an additional living space for your home. Enjoy relaxing in comfort when the snow is falling outside. In the height of summer, if it is too hot outside, pour yourself a drink and cool down in the conservatory.

Worthwhile investment

The cost of putting a solid roof on a conservatory is an investment. The superior insulation offered by a Guardian Warm Roof is similar to that of a proper roof. Only the highest quality materials are used and all roof replacements are backed by a 10 year guarantee. With many styles and colours to choose from you can be certain that your roof replacement will blend in with your property. Make the most of your space, contact us for the cost of putting a solid roof on your conservatory.

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