Conservatory Roof Conversion Norwich

Are you looking to upgrade your conservatory roof?

  • Our roofs are all high rated energy efficient - saving you money on home energy costs
  • Our roofs are insulated and provide more temperature control - no more too hot or too cold
  • Our roofs are all backed by a 10 year guarantee

Guardian Roof System

P&K Home Improvements can improve your old conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof System, providing you with more insulation, less heat loss and a lower energy bill.

Experiencing a good temperature in a conservatory depends largely on the conservatory roof and one of the major reasons why you should look to improve it.

Converting a conservatory roof is important to maintain and have a fair temperature and this is as a result of the high energy efficiency that a new roof can provide.

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Keeping You Warmer

Depending on the weather, and your location, you will notice that your conservatory roof currently becomes too cold or hot to use.

This is because temperature problems tend to be from the roof. Conservatory roof improvement will help maintain a happy temperature in the conservatory and ensure comfort.

A major benefit when converting your conservatory roof is having insulation installed which keeps the conservatory feeling warmer. It can also help reduce unwanted noise from the outside therefore helping you relax in peace.

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Approved Installers

We are approved installers of Guardian Warm Roof Systems, the industry leading insulated conservatory roof. They are long lasting, high quality, LABC approved and are backed by a 10 year guarantee giving you peace of mind. An insulated and tiled Guardian Warm Roof provides energy efficiency, temperature control and comfort all year round, plus saves you money on heating costs.

Roofs come in a wide range of different colours and styles and can be made to match the gutters and fascias or the colour of your building, making the conservatory look just like your home. Because of the stylish look and the increase of usability that a new roof can bring to your conservatory, it will help increase the value of your property.