Cheap Conservatory

Looking for a Cheap Conservatory?

  • Stylish roofing solutions in a variety of colours to suit any style
  • Refitting or new installation available
  • Superior insulation ensuring all year use

Things To Consider When Choosing a Conservatory

There are many reasons to consider a conservatory. You may wish to extend your living space, to enjoy the garden when the weather doesn’t allow, a cheaper alternative to an extension.

Whatever reason you are going to be investing a fair amount of money in your conservatory. With that in mind here are some things to consider when choosing your conservatory.

1. The Cost

As you will know a conservatory is a much more cost effective alternative to an extension. You can find a relatively cheap conservatory that will tick all of the boxes. In addition to this you don’t require planning permission to build a conservatory.

2. The Roof

The roof is not necessarily something that you may give much thought to. However, it is actually a crucial part of the building. It is the roof that provides most of the insulation that allows the conservatory to be used all year round. Often a conservatory can’t be used throughout the year as it is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. This is caused by poor insulation properties of the material used. A solid roof provides superior insulation therefore the ambient temperature remains constant and comfortable whether it is the height of summer or mid winter.

3. The Style

You don’t want your conservatory to appear to be stuck on. It should be an extension to your home in keeping with the existing look. With a variety of styles and colours to choose from you can be certain that you will find a conservatory that is the perfect match to your property.

4. Guarantee

When choosing the company who will install your conservatory you want the best. As approved Guardian Warm Roof installers you can rest assured that your conservatory will stand the test of time. We use only the highest quality materials and pride ourselves in our craftsmanship. With a 10 year guarantee you have the peace of mind that your conservatory is built to last.