Putting a roof on a conservatory

Are you in the market for a new conservatory roof? Certainly, when it comes to putting a roof on a conservatory, there is no shortage of excellent products to choose from.

Here at P&K Home Improvements, our choice veers towards two distinctive types of conservatory roofing – Guardian and Ultraframe. Both are at the top end of the conservatory roofing sector and prove extremely popular with homeowners and landlords of commercial premises.

Putting a roof on a conservatory: prefabricated

Pitched and tiled conservatory roofs can be chosen in an impressive range of styles, textures and colours. They can also be any size you like. This type of roof is prefabricated in a warehouse. That makes them easier to fit and quicker to manufacture (since it doesn’t matter how wet it is outside, the build process will continue indoors).

In other words, once we have the specific measurements of your conservatory’s roof area we can build the new roof off-site and under cover. And that speeds along the process. It means that once you have ordered your new conservatory roof you won’t be expected to wait long for it to arrive.

The cost of a contemporary new roof, with either the Ultraframe or the Guardian roofing design, ranges from as little as £7,000 up to £20,000. This depends on how large the roof is, which materials etc. you have opted for and who fits it. But certainly, this is what you can expect to pay should you have us fit your conservatory roof.

Putting a roof on a conservatory: get in touch

If you opt to have a hard, tiled and pitched roof fitted for your conservatory, it makes 100 per cent sense to go with Guardian Roofs. That’s because you will receive a lengthy guarantee with installation from a qualified fitter, such as ourselves at P&K Home Improvements.

To find out more about having a new conservatory roof fitted, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are also happy to quote for free. Tel 01603 563 278 or contact us by email via [email protected]