Conservatory Roof Norwich

  • Where can I get a conservatory roof in Norfolk?
  • We can change your glass to a tiled roof
  • Our roofs are lightweight and thermally efficient
  • We are approved installers for Guardian Warm Roofs

Conservatory roof Norwich: new roof

Is your conservatory roof looking worn out and past it is best? Or maybe you’re just sick of the cost of heating your conservatory? If either of these statements applies to you, maybe it’s time to replace your roof – or even your entire conservatory.

Invest in a roof which is pitched rather than flat, and you won’t have any more problems with debris landing on it. You’ll also be able to collect rainfall and repurpose it for the garden and toilet flushing (which will cut back on your water bill).

Conservatory roof Norwich: adding value

A new conservatory roof won’t only help save you money and make you fall in love with your conservatory again; it will also add to the value of your home, meaning it’ll prove more attractive to buyers when you put it on the market. In this sense, replacing the roof can be seen as more of an investment for your future plans.

Another benefit of a new solid lightweight roof is that your conservatory will remain cool during the summer months but toasty warm in winter because it’ll retain the heat in the room. And finally, traditional conservatory roofs produced from glass and polycarbonate roofs have poor soundproofing ability. So, if you live near a busy road you may suffer from noise pollution. Fit a new tiled and pitched roof and you’ll find that’s no longer a problem.

Conservatory roof Norwich: contact us

P&K Home Improvements is a family business in Norfolk whose reputation is built on quality workmanship and great customer service. If you’re thinking of having a conservatory built, or changing the roof of your current conservatory, we are happy to come and give you a no-obligation quote. To find out more:

call us on 01603 563 278. You can also write to us via [email protected]