Average cost of a new conservatory roof

If you’ve had your existing conservatory since before 2010, then it may be that you fancy a change in roofing. That’s because, since that time, solid conservatory roofs have been introduced.

These are pitched, tiled roofs and prove far more thermally efficient than the pre-existing glass or polycarbonate roofs of older home conservatories. It’s no longer necessary to have planning permission to fit such a roof; as a result, you’ll see many pitched tiled conservatory roofs around these days.

But your desire for a new conservatory roof may not only be down to thermal efficiency – although this is a huge plus point. No, it may be that you want a more contemporary look to your conservatory.

Average cost of a new conservatory roof: Guardian

Choose a Guardian conservatory roof and it’s built off-site, making it far quicker to install than a traditional version. To the extent one can be built and installed within three days, weather permitting.

Average cost of a new conservatory roof: benefits

A solid roof for your conservatory provides much more insulation than glass panels. This makes your conservatory suitable to sit in year-round. It won’t, for instance, get too cold in winter and become baking hot during the summer months. It means you’re not going to have to waste a lot of energy heating it or cooling it. And that’s a pretty important factor in these days of escalating energy costs and global warming.

A pitched roof is far easier than a flat roof for rainwater to fall from. That’s great news if you fancy collecting rainwater and using it to flush the toilet and water the garden. It’s also another cash-saving - not to mention planet-saving - endeavour. This time the money saved will be on your water bill.

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