Guardian Solid Roof Norwich

Are you considering a Guardian Solid Roof for a conservatory?

  • Guardian warm roofs to suit any style of property
  • Installation specialists with over 17 years’ experience
  • Energy efficient

Conservatory Roofs

Do you ever think about your roof? Probably not, unless something goes wrong. The roof of your home not only protects you and your family from the elements, hail, wind, rain, snow and even the sun. But, it also has the incredibly important job of insulating your home. The roof is filled with superior insulation to ensure that warm air stays in, keeping you cosy in the winter. When you crank up the heating in the winter months without insulation the heat will simply escape. Likewise, in the heat of summer, insulation keeps the house cool, not allowing the heat to penetrate.

In years gone by a conservatory roof was given little consideration. They would lack insulation and lead to a conservatory suffering huge temperature fluctuations. A conservatory roof allows the warm air in winter to escape. No matter how much you try to heat the area, it will simply never be warm. This can cause high energy bills as you try to heat the space. Meanwhile, in the summer, the roof allows the sun’s rays to heat up the space without protection. This leaves the conservatory unusable for several months a year.

Maximise your indoor space

With a Guardian Solid Roof in Norwich you will be able to enjoy this special space all year round. The superior insulation is comparable to that of a ‘proper’ roof. A conservatory can become a true extension of your home giving you the extra space you crave.

Perhaps you envisage a dining room or a family room offering extra space for you to enjoy alone or together. With a Guardian Solid Roof you can rest assured that the room will keep a pleasant ambient temperature whatever the weather.

Approved Installers

At P&K Home Improvements we pride ourselves on our service. Our experienced team of installation experts are happy to help you choose from a range of Guardian Roofs. With over 17 years’ experience, our knowledge is second to none.

In addition, our 10-year guarantee gives you peace of mind allowing you to enjoy your conservatory for years to come. Make the most of your conservatory, get in touch today to find out more about Guardian Solid Roofs in Norwich.