Re-roofing a conservatory

As Guardian Roof approved installers, we will:

Replace your former, inefficient conservatory roof with a state-of-the-art Guardian roof that will see your conservatory become the favourite room in your home.

Is your Conservatory too hot or too cold?

Not many people use their conservatory as much as they’d like to – usually because they can’t regulate the temperature.

That means it’s like a fridge in the winter and an oven in the summer, and that’s not comfortable.

A replacement conservatory ‘warm roof’ system can solve much of that problem for you - the insulation and tiles have a much better thermal efficiency.

To find out how you could be getting more use out of your Conservatory give us a call today on 01603 563 278

Why use P&K?

As you will be working with the owners of the company, you can also rest easy that you are in the hands of people who genuinely care about the work that they are doing.

Peter and Karl, father and son and co-owners of the company, have a strict but very fair company ethos of ‘If we wouldn’t accept it in our home, we won’t accept it in yours’.

This means that you will be in safe hands throughout your conservatory re-roofing project.

Who we are at P&K?

Once you have decided to proceed you will be dealing with the owners of the business from beginning to end. There won’t be confusing changes in staff to deal with when you want to discuss anything, which means that there is no opportunity for anything you want taking into consideration to be lost in translation!

If you are looking to re-roof your conservatory room in Norfolk, then contact P & K Home Improvements today on 01603 563278 and start the journey towards transforming your home.