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Use your conservatory all year round with a solid roof replacement

A conservatory used to be used as a room to enjoy the sunshine, traditionally fitted with a lovely glass roof so the sun’s rays would fill the room with light and warmth. A perfect space to enjoy the outdoors indoors.

Things have moved along and a conservatory is now more like an extension to your home. Dining room, living room, kids room, play room, it can be used for anything and allows for the indoor outdoor home decor trend to come into its own. When done properly a conservatory is incredibly versatile.

The main consideration with a conservatory is the roof. If you already have a conservatory but are hoping to change its use, you should consider a conservatory solid roof replacement. A roof works very hard to not only protect your home but also to insulate it. An old conservatory roof has no insulation. It is basically ineffective at regulating temperatures. Many find that their conservatory is not used because it is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. If you want to make effective use of your conservatory as extra living space this simply doesn’t work.

A conservatory solid roof replacement offers superior insulation. Much like the roof on your home, a solid conservatory roof will protect and insulate. The insulation in a solid roof will maintain a pleasant ambient temperature no matter what the weather. Heating and cooling the space is simple, you will even notice a positive difference in your energy bills. You are free to use your conservatory for whatever you choose - all year round. In addition to this, since they are available in a huge range of colours and styles you are certain to find one that fits perfectly with your home.

You already have the space there, don’t waste any more time with an underused conservatory. Reinvigorate your conservatory and fully utilise your living space whatever the weather. A conservatory solid roof replacement will give you the space you desire, at a price you can afford and avoid the inconvenience and mess of an extension. Get in touch today at [email protected] or 01603 563 278