Putting a Proper Roof on a Conservatory

Considering replacing your conservatory roof?

  • Solid conservatory roofs to suit any property
  • All year use of your conservatory with superior insulation
  • Professional installation

Your Conservatory

The roof is often taken for granted. Yet it is so important. A good roof keeps out the elements, protects your home from the wind, rain, hail, sun, you name it. It keeps the warmth in during the cold winter months and keeps a nice cool temperature on those hot summer days and nights allowing you to feel cool and comfortable.

A roof is highly insulated and made from the highest quality materials to ensure that it can withstand whatever the british weather may throw at it.

So why is it that conservatory roofs are not treated with the same level of importance?

You may have a perfectly lovely conservatory that is rendered useless for many months of the year. If you find your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, putting a proper roof on your conservatory is the answer. If you would like to start making the most of your conservatory all year round - get in touch.

Standard Roofs

The problem with standard conservatory roofs is that they lack the insulation required to regulate temperatures efficiently. When the hot air is allowed to escape in the winter you are left with a room that is far too cold.

Likewise in the summer a glass or perspex roof acts like a greenhouse heating up the air inside rather than keeping the heat out. Either way you will not be using your conservatory as much as you would like to. Putting a proper roof on your conservatory will solve these issues as all of our roofs are insulated.


Superior insulation will save you money on your energy bills. The heat lost through a conservatory roof can add up over the year. As a Guardian Warm Roof approved installer your roof comes with a 10 year guarantee.

You can rest assured that we are using only the highest quality materials and the finest workmanship. Your roof replacement is guaranteed to stand the test of time. If you would like a proper roof on your conservatory, get in touch today.