Replacing Conservatory Roof with Solid Roof Cost

Replacing Your Conservatory Roof

Do you find your conservatory unusable for several months of the year? Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? It is a common complaint that a lovely space that should be a welcome addition to your home cannot be used in the way that it is intended.

When the decision was made to add a conservatory to your home you probably envisaged yourself relaxing looking out over the garden no matter what the weather. Sadly for so many this isn’t a reality and the conservatory doors remain locked for many months.


The problem with many conservatory roofs is that the material used is not the best in terms of providing effective insulation. For example, a glass roof will be very hot in the summer, not dissimilar to a greenhouse and in winter the warm air escapes leaving the conservatory too cold to enjoy.

In order to maintain an amiable temperature throughout the year effective insulation is imperative. Many don’t realise that simply replacing the conservatory roof with a solid roof is both cost effective and highly effective.

It's The Perfect Solution

Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof is the perfect solution. Our Guardian Warm roofs are guaranteed for 10 years giving you peace of mind that your replacement conservatory roof is built to last.

The superior insulation material is designed to keep the warm air in in the winter and the cool air in during the hot summer months. Achieving the perfect temperature all year round for you to enjoy your conservatory as intended.

Cost Effective

Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof is cost effective in more than one way. As it is retrofit you do not have to pay to have your entire conservatory replaced. Secondly you will save money on your energy bills due to the improved insulation.

Choose Your Style

If you have concerns regarding replacing your conservatory roof due to matching to your home you need not worry. With a variety of styles and colours to choose from you are sure to find the perfect solid conservatory roof to complement your property