Why updating your conservatory roof is worth the cost / is great value for money.

Updating your conservatory roof gives your home a brand new look and keeps your conservatory up to date with the most energy efficient material. The best thing about getting a conservatory roof conversion is the insulation it provides - with the effect of lower energy costs, noise reduction and better temperature control.

Upgrading your conservatory roof has the practical benefit of being far more thermo-efficient, meaning that it keeps the temperature down in summer and the warmth in during winter. Many people don't use their conservatory in winter as heating it is expensive but with a new roof, the heating burden and expense is greatly reduced. Converting your conservatory roof also adds value to your property. By upgrading to a new Guardian Conservatory Roof, you turn your flawed conservatory into a cost effective extension.

Conservatory Roof Conversion Cost We are approved installers of Guardian Warm Roof Systems, the industry leading insulated conservatory roof. They are long lasting, high quality, LABC approved and are backed by a 10 year guarantee giving you peace of mind.

Converting your conservatory roof is a home improvement with no disruption. It takes a few days to convert your old conservatory roof to a new one. As the roof is being improved, and the conservatory is not being re built in full, no further planning permission is required, or a need to comply with any further building regulations, making a roof upgrade an easy choice to make.The only choice to make is the look of it.

Conservatory roof conversion in Norwich changes the overall look of your conservatory, and with a wide range of tiles in various colours and styles, finding the perfect fit is effortless. With your newly improved conservatory you can use your extra living space all year round and relax in comfort. Our conservatory roofs are all high rated energy efficient – saving you money on home energy costs. Our conservatory roofs are tiled and insulated and provide more temperature control – no more too hot or too cold – providing a comfortable living space whatever the weather or time of year

Our conservatory roofs are Guardian Warm Roofs, the industry leader in insulated roofs. Our conservatory roofs are all backed by a 10 year guarantee giving you peace of mind P&K Home Improvements offer a personal touch to the conservatory and window industry, with 17 years experience and with a no pressure sales team. We enjoy helping our customers achieve their personal home improvement aims at competitive prices.

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