Guardian Conservatory Roof

Have you been thinking about getting a Guardian Conservatory Roof?

  • P&K are Team Guardian approved Warm Roof installers
  • We install Guardian Warm Roof Systems in the Norwich area
  • Guardian Roof Systems comply with building regs, and are fully guaranteed

Your Conservatory

Are you using your conservatory as much as you’d like to?

Most people don’t because the temperature is difficult to regulate. So, the space is either too hot or too cold – and seldom just right. That’s a pity - we could all use a bit more room, couldn’t we?

And what should be a ‘useful space’ becomes a ‘waste of space’. Get in touch today and we’ll solve that problem for you. When you finally decide to replace your old conservatory roof, using an all new Guardian warm roof System, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

Not only will your energy bills be lower, your carbon footprint will be reduced too because the more efficient insulation keeps you from wasting energy.

Added benefits are less outside noise, less glare, and more consistent temperatures.

About Guardian

Fully guaranteed for 10 years and local building regulation approved, Guardian Warm Roof Systems are one of the UK’s leading brands of insulated conservatory roof replacements.

When you replace your old and inefficient conservatory roof with a new Guardian system, you’ll start saving money right away.

If you like that idea, get in touch with us today to learn more.

Want a Quote?

We’re the people to call if you’re thinking about replacing your Norwich conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof System.

We have years of experience installing Guardian Roof’s, and as such are a Team Guardian approved installer.

We also offer one competitive ‘take it or leave it’ price on all our work, there’s no uncomfortable haggling, and no rip-off pricing. Call us today!