Conservatory replacement cost

Wondering how much a new conservatory will cost? If your last conservatory was erected within the last couple of decades you’ll notice quite a difference in the quality today.

That’s because conservatories have come on leaps and bounds – especially in the roof department. Older conservatories were built with glazed or polycarbonate roofs.

But since 2010 a change in the law has meant it has been possible to fit a tiled roof on your conservatory (rather than a roof which had to be 75 per cent translucent). In addition, planning permission is no longer required.

As a result, you will find that most new conservatories now have tiled roofs. These don’t just look better; they are far more energy efficient since they’re much better at retaining heat and keeping the area cool in summer.

Conservatory replacement cost: types

The type of conservatory you opt for will affect the price. For instance, a lean-to conservatory tends to be the most basic version. With a sloped roof, it’s on the smaller side of the conservatory choice.

Both Victorian and Edwardian conservatories have pitched roofs. The Victorian version comes with a curved bay window, while the Edwardian conservatory is rectangular.

A Gable conservatory is the most popular type of conservatory today. It’s stylish and contemporary, and usually has a high-vaulted roof for an additional ‘roomy’ feel.

Conservatory replacement cost: roofing

At P&K Home Improvements, we fit both Guardian Roofs and Ultraroof tiled pitched systems. Both types of conservatory roofing are produced from top-quality materials and provide excellent thermal performance. In fact, we are so impressed with the roofs that we would be loath to fit any other kind of conservatory roofing.

Conservatory replacement cost: contact us for a quote

Here at P&K Home Improvements, we have been installing conservatories for almost 20 years. A father and son family business, we are proud to be able to describe ourselves as the leading provider of Guardian roofs in Norwich and the surrounding area. To get a quote for your conservatory replacement contact us today!

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