Guardian Roof Installers Norwich

Looking for Guardian Roof Systems in Norwich?

  • An insulated roof for your conservatory transforms it into a useful space
  • A more even and regular temperature throughout the year adds value and reduces heating bills
  • A unique insulation system fits right over your existing roof space

Looking for a conservatory that you can use year round?

Conservatories are great, they offer a unique bridge between the outside and inside, and when summer comes around, they are a great place to sit and relax.That’s why so many people choose to extend their homes with a conservatory.

However, they do come with a couple of major issues.

In the winter, the glass can’t offer as much insulation and they can feel cold. Heating can be used but it is often expensive and hard to maintain a regular temperature. In the summer, the sun’s rays pass through the glass in the roof and warm up the space.

This heat is then unable to escape due to the greenhouse effect, creating a space that can get too warm to sit in for long periods of time.

The Solution

There is a solution, however. And one that maintains the appearance of the conservatory but also makes it a more usable space.

As leading Guardian roof installers in Norwich, we can use this system to transform your conservatory into a year-round living space. We will replace the old roof with a Thermal Conservatory Roof. Call us on 01603 563 278 to get a quote.

Comfortable Living Space

You still get the large windows and bright space you wanted but the warm roof offers insulation that keeps the space warm and reduces noise. It turns a conservatory into a more useful living space with a more even and comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Heating bills are reduced and you’ll feel like you have a new extension, without the cost and upheaval.