Solid roof conservatory prices: costs

Here at P&K Home Improvements, we are a great advocate of Guardian solid-pitched conservatory roofs. The reason being is that these roofs are far more thermally efficient than their glass or polycarbonate predecessors. This makes your conservatory much more comfortable to sit in all year round – regardless of whether it’s winter or summer.

Guardian Roofs are tiled and are a prefabricated build. This means once we have the specific measurements of your conservatory’s roof area, we can then build the roof off-site and undercover. It means that your roof will be built regardless of whether it’s raining or there are other inclement weather conditions. After that, it’s just a case of installing it. The end result is your new conservatory roof can usually be installed within three days.

Solid roof conservatory prices: benefits

As well as making your conservatory more comfortable to sit in all year round, your new Guardian roof will reduce glare from the sun. This means it’ll be cooler in summer, but crucially, it means your textiles or furniture won’t fade as a result.

Your roof will also be easier to keep clean since any debris which collects on your new roof can simply be hosed off. And even then, it’s less likely to collect since the roof is pitched rather than flat.

  • We’re a trusted installer of these thermally-efficient roofs
  • These high-quality pitched roofs and far more practical than flat roofs

To find out more about how a Guardian solid tiled roof can benefit your home and conservatory then get in touch with the team here at P&K Home Improvements. Once we know your measurements, we can give you a more accurate cost for your new roof.
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