Reasons To Upgrade Your Conservatory

Upgrading Your Conservatory

If your old conservatory is looking a little tired and is bringing down the style of your home you may be thinking about starting from scratch andinstalling a new conservatory. However, chances are that your conservatory just needs upgrading.

The first thing you’ll probably be considering searching the web for is ‘conservatory upgrade cost’. This will all depend on what you need to improve or replace. It may be that your conservatory simply needs a new roof, or window replacements. Before you consider a new conservatory, speak to P&K Home Improvement about a conservatory upgrade and the associated cost.

When you choose to upgrade your conservatory you will enjoy the following three benefits.

1. Extend your home without building work If you are upgrading an existing conservatory you will skip the building work. There will be no need to build the foundations therefore the work will be far less disruptive. A conservatory upgrade may entail replacing window panels into an existing frame. Or a roof replacement. Most people now treat a conservatory as an extra room in their home. A conservatory is often used as a dining room, playroom or family room. A conservatory upgrade will improve your existing conservatory considerably. You will be able to use your conservatory all year round. Which brings us to our next point.

2. Energy efficiency Chances are your old conservatory is lacking in any kind of effective insulation. Improvements in glass and superior insulated roofs will ensure that your conservatory is energy efficient. Your upgraded conservatory will be easy to heat in the winter. Warm air will no longer escape through the roof and windows. You will even notice a reduction in your energy bills.

3. Easier maintenance Developments in glass and roofing make your conservatory much easier to maintain. Easy clean glass makes cleaning your large windows a doddle, leaving a streak free finish.

4. Cost effective A conservatory upgrade is a more economical choice. You may be surprised at a conservatory upgrade cost. A more energy efficient conservatory will also add value to your home. When you consider the benefits it is an investment for your home.

Speak to the conservatory upgrade experts at P&K Home Improvements and find out what we can do for you. Email us at info@pandkhomeimprovements or call us on 01603 563 278