Putting a solid roof on a conservatory

Putting a solid roof on a conservatory makes perfect sense. It makes your conservatory more energy efficient because it’s better insulated. This, in turn, means it can be used as an additional room for your family all year round.

At P&K Home Improvements, we use Guardian roofs. Since 2010 it's been easier to fit solid roofs on a conservatory. Before a change in Building Regulations, conservatory roofs had to be at least 75 per cent glazed. That means there wasn’t a lot of hiding from the sun’s glare, making many conservatories almost impossible to sit in during weeks of intense heat.

Another benefit of having a solid, pitched roof - as opposed to a flat transparent version – is that it’s more difficult to break into the former. And that means a better night’s sleep for the whole household.

Why Choose a Solid Roof?

Putting a solid roof on a conservatory is an excellent alternative to polycarbonate and glass. These lightweight synthetic tiles resemble natural stone, slate or cement tiles. Not only are they more thermally efficient, but they also look better. They also have a more contemporary look than transparent PVC or glass roofs. That also makes your home easier to sell when moving on.

Just because you have a solid tiled roof, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have daylight flooding down into your conservatory from the roof. Velux windows provide the perfect answer here.

Is getting a solid conservatory roof a good idea?

  • Pitched solid conservatory roofs are better than glazed
  • We’ve been building conservatories for nearly two decades
  •  A pitched roof helps with reusing water

If you’re fed up with not having had the best use of your conservatory to date, it’s time to get a new, solid roof fitted. To learn more about what we can offer you here at P&K Home Improvements.
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