Guardian Roofs Cost

There has been a huge rise in the number of homeowners looking to have a new roof installed on their conservatory. The reason for this is to make the room more comfortable to sit in all year round (i.e. cool enough in summer and with heat in winter). It’s possible to do this thanks to improved technology in the roofing and conservatory industry.

One of these new ‘warm roofs’ is from Guardian. And it’s this type of solid tiled roof that’s making a huge difference to people’s homes, thanks to its thermal capacity, i.e. its excellent insulation properties. Certainly, it has a more insulating ability than glass or polycarbonate roofs which were the popular choice until recentl

Guardian roof cost of prefabricated build

The roof itself is built off-site, which makes it far quicker to install than a traditional conservatory roof. This also means it can be installed all year round – and in as little as three days.

In addition to making a conservatory more comfortable in terms of temperature, a Guardian roof will reduce glare from the sun and won’t result in textiles or the wooden furniture itself fading.

Cleaning of the roof is easier than that of a glass or polycarbonate version too. That’s because any debris can simply be hosed off the roof. It will then fall into the guttering, which can easily be fished out. In the case of glass or polycarbonate, a professional would need to be hired to clean the roof, resulting in additional costs.

More About the Cost
On the subject of money, a Guardian roof will always result in lower utility bills, thanks to its superb insulation properties. This means that the Guardian roof cost will work out cheaper in the long run than inferior insulating conservatory roof types. It’s difficult to put an actual cost on the Guardian roof since conservatories vary in size and style. There is also variation in terms of which tiles you opt for.

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