Is your conservatory too hot in the summer?

Here’s what to do… Conservatories. Some years ago, everyone was getting them added to their homes. They look great, and can actually add value too – but there is a downfall. Rather than having that extra room you can use any time you like for an office, or to relax in or dine in, most people end up with a space that’s shut off from the rest of the house for most of the year.

conservatory too hot in the summer


The reason for this is temperature regulation. As we all know, hot air rises – and most conservatories are constructed with an uninsulated glass or polycarbonate roof. There’s nothing to stop the heat escaping during the colder months, so you end up with a space that’s far too cold to use for a large part of the year – and that’s a shame. The addition of a radiator or two may take the edge off, but still, the best part of the heat will leave through the roof, and you’ll see your heating bills soar.


But summer’s ok, right? Well actually no it’s not. With its glass walls and roof, a conservatory essentially becomes a greenhouse during the summer months – and another word for greenhouse is ‘hothouse’ isn’t it? So, in the heat of summer you’ll have a conservatory that’s great for growing tomatoes in, but not so great for entertaining.

There’s a solution

But all is not lost. Your solution is to get rid of your old glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof and replace it with a new tiled and fully insulated version – and we can help you make that dream come true. We are Peter and Karl from P&K Home Improvements - a father and son family business based in Norwich. We’ve been in the window and conservatory trade for many years, and we’re proud of our high-quality work, our attention to detail, and our level of customer service and satisfaction. If you’d like to talk to us about a replacement conservatory roof cost, please give us a call on 01603 563 278 and we can come around and take a look at your existing roof.

Getting a Quote

Giving you a quote is as simple as measuring your current roof and finding out what extras you require. Unlike many of the ‘salespeople’ who give the industry a bad name, we don’t play silly games or go with a ridiculous price then expect you to haggle it down. With P&K, the quote you get will be competitive and fair, and you can take it or leave it, that’s up to you. It’s a much nicer and more comfortable way of doing business, we’re sure you’ll agree. If you’re looking to get a completely new conservatory designed and installed, we can do that too – and it will come with a tiled and insulated roof as standard. Get in touch on 01603 563 278 and let’s have a chat.