Conservatories near meA Norwich Conservatory Installation Company with Great Prices

Although a great many homes have a conservatory added, there are still a lot that don’t – and a conservatory is a useful addition to any home. If you’re living in the Norwich area and are thinking of adding a conservatory to your home, why not give P&K Home Improvements a call? We’re experts at anything conservatory related, with more than 17 years’ experience. Simply call us on 01603 563 278 if you’d like a chat.

A Bad Rap

In the past, the conservatory and replacement window industry has had a pretty bad rap. In the main it’s because of underhand sales tactics – we’ve all heard the stories of salesmen with their foot in the door, smooth-talking their way into people’s homes and not leaving without a sale, no matter how big a hint you give them (we Brits are too polite at times). P&K don’t operate that way. You shouldn’t have to put up with it, and we wouldn’t be comfortable doing it. So, when you ask for a quote from us, we’ll come and visit you, discuss your requirements, measure up, then give you one great price for the work. Once you’ve had your quote you can decide whether to go ahead or not. There’s no haggling, and none of that ‘I have to call my supervisor’ rubbish… just one low price. It’s much easier that way, and much more comfortable for everyone.

Styles and Colours

P&K build bespoke conservatories, so if you have an idea of what you want, we’ll work with you on that - building your new space from the ground up. We dig the footings, lay the bricks, install the electrics, lay the flooring, and everything else your conservatory needs. We can also offer any style of conservatory you fancy, and take care of any planning applications that are needed if you’d like us too.

Tiled and Insulated

You probably realise that most conservatories don’t function as well as they should? Because they have a glass or polycarbonate roof, you get the old ‘too hot, or too cold’ scenario – depending on the time of the year. These days there’s a solution to that age-old issue – an efficiently tiled and thermal conservatory roof. We’d advise anyone who’s thinking of getting a new conservatory to go down this route. It helps you regulate the heat, allowing you to use your conservatory all year round, instead of now and again.

Team Guardian

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of ‘warm roof systems’ are Guardian, and P&K are ‘Team Guardian’ approved warm roof installers. That’s the roof we’ll be adding to your new conservatory – and it will come with a host of benefits such as less glare, less outside noise, a lower carbon footprint, and, of course, lower energy bills. So if you are interested in a Guardian Conservatory Roof the contact us today on 01603 563 278 or email [email protected] to learn more or ask us for a no-obligation quote.