Wooden Sash Windows Norwich

Do you live in Norwich and need new sash windows?

  • We supply high-quality sash windows.
  • We have been installing sash windows for 17 years.
  • All our sash windows are German-designed.

Wooden sash windows Norwich: material

Here at P&K Home Improvements, we have been fitting sash and other types of windows for more than 17 years. As such, we’ve witnessed many changes in the industry, most of them good. Certainly, the quality of window materials has improved over nearly two decades.

Most of the windows we fit are either UPVC or aluminium. Both are exceptionally high quality, meaning their excellent thermal capabilities and fit.

Wooden sash windows Norwich: colours

It’s possible to have UPVC or aluminium sash windows in a range of colours, some even replicating the look of wood. The more contemporary colours these days include charcoal, grey, olive green, duck egg blue and dark blue.

Sash windows tend to be found in period properties, such as Victorian or Georgian. Because most of these properties are more than a century old, the original wooden windows will probably be in a pretty poor state (having had to put up with the vagaries of the British weather for so long). As a result, it makes sense to change them for either UPVC or aluminium windows. Both are far more durable materials than timber.

More About Sash Windows

Then again, sash windows are also being installed in many New Build homes in order to give them ‘heritage appeal.’ These tend to be double glazed for better insulation properties. Original sash windows were always single glazing.

Sash windows tend to come in two varieties – casement windows or double-hung windows. For casement windows, the sash is opened by turning a handle. In traditional double-hung windows, two sashes slide up or down to open and close the window. Some sash windows slide horizontally, and in which case, one of the sashes won’t move.

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