Wooden Front Doors Norwich

Are you looking for a wooden front door in Norwich?

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Choosing The Right Door

Choosing the right front door for your home is essential. For instance, it’s the first thing every visitor to your house is confronted with. Get a lovely front door that suits your home perfectly, and it really will give you a boost every time you walk up to it.

Two of the most popular types of front doors you can choose from these days are wooden front doors and composite front doors.

Our wooden front doors in Norwich come in two basic styles – solid wood and engineered wood. The former involves a piece of solid wood or different pieces attached to become one door. The latter consists of different layers of wood and timber and is then finished with an expensive-looking wood veneer.

Durable & Secure

A wooden front door provided it is made from quality wood, can prove durable, sturdy and secure for your home. It’s also an excellent means of soundproofing the noise from outside – great if you live in a city, like Norwich, in particular. You will have to look after your front door if you want it to keep looking good though. That means painting or varnishing it on a regular basis. A wooden front door, made from good wood, can also look extremely elegant.

Composite front doors are growing in popularity. Made with a steel inner and a timber outer, they also contain high-density polyurethane foam. Glass-reinforced fibre provides a strong, grained surface. Aluminium inserts can be put in for further strength.

Composite Front Doors

They are very durable and weather resistant (more so than a timber front door). They are also very secure, thanks to a multi-point locking system. It is also possible to have the effect of a wooden front door with your composite door by getting a woodgrain finish on it.

To find out more about both our timber front doors and a composite front door, get in touch with the team here at P&K Home Improvements today.