Timber Frame Windows Norwich

  • Are you thinking about upgrading your timber window frames but not sure whether to go with timber windows or some of the more contemporary, alternative materials around?

A Range Of Timber Frame Styles

It probably won’t surprise you to learn, but here at P&K Improvements, we are a big fan of timber window frames.

They not only look great on every type of property and come in a variety of different styles and colour shading to suit, but they are also eco-friendly and excellent at insulating your home. You can choose from single, double or even triple glazing for super-insulating purposes.

If you live in a conservation area, then chances are you won’t have another choice anyway since many listed homes are banned from using uPVC and other window frames which aren’t in keeping with the original architecture of the building.

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A Stylish Option

Timber windows may cost a little more than the likes of uPVC windows but you only get what you pay for these days.

Not only can timber windows really enhance the look of your home, but they will also be around for a lot longer too (up to six decades in many cases).

So, when you consider how durable they are, timber windows often work out cheaper in the long run than other types of frames.

A High Quality Finish

That’s often because it is possible to repair and paint a timber window frame – which isn’t the case with uPVC which rots with repeated exposure to the sun.

And it’s not as if you have to repaint every year or so either.

Most timber windows these days can easily last seven to eight years before requiring a touch up with paint. And even that is easy to apply – just a little sanding down and a couple of coats of paint and you are good to go again.