Thermotec Roofing Norwich

Are you considering replacing your conservatory roof and are looking for:

  • Thermotec roofing in Norfolk
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How often do you think about the roof on your home?

No very often, yet it is the hardest working part of your house. The roof not only protects you and your family from the Great British weather, keeping you sheltered and dry. But a roof is also home to superior insulation which keeps your home at a comfortable ambient temperature. It also ensures that heating your home can be done efficiently saving on your energy bills.

Conservatory roofs made from PVC or glass undoubtedly look fabulous. However, they offer very little when it comes to insulation. Typically a conservatory will be rendered useless for a good part of the year. The conservatory is found to be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Thermotec roofing in Norwich offers a fantastic solution.

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Since standard conservatory roofs lack insulation they are not energy efficient. This means you could be paying more on your energy bills. It is difficult to heat or cool a conservatory as the air simply escapes through the roof.

In the summer the glass surface acts like a greenhouse make the room uncomfortable and unusable. A Thermotec roofing solution is designed to replace your existing panels so in no time at all you will be enjoying your conservatory.

For the Environment

For the environmentally conscious, a Thermotec roofing solution in Norwich is the perfect solution. You can be sure that your highly insulated roof is the most energy efficient roof for your conservatory.

Saving on your energy bills is a great bonus, less heat will escape, therefore less energy will be required to heat the space.

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