Sliding Doors Norwich

Do you need the finest sliding doors Norwich has to offer?

  • Aluminium sliding doors are an impressive, contemporary alternative to traditional patio doors, gliding easily on an in-line track rather than moving horizontally left or right.
  • They’re also better than bi-fold doors because they don’t need additional space to open – although, admittedly, these are also a popular modern choice.

First Impression Of Your Home

At P&K Home Improvements we are happy to fit both sliding doors and their bi-fold equivalents.

And we’re certainly doing so these days, thanks to the contemporary open-plan living design many households are opting for, leading to large glass panelled sliding doors being added to many rear home extensions here in Norwich.

The glass sliding doors are available in single or double glazing and with various pane options as well as finishes (textures and colouring).

Quality frames and security locking comes as standard with all of our sliding doors.

Benefits Of Sliding Doors

As we have mentioned, sliding doors don’t take up much room in your home so they’re excellent for maximising space in smaller areas where there isn’t much width.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy to open and close, with the doors sliding smoothly from one side to another
  • Allows for wide and expansive panoramic exteriors so excellent if you are fortunate enough to have a beautiful view or a lovely garden
  • Long-lasting (no locks or moving handles etc involved)
  • Many sliding doors have an A-rating for energy efficiency thanks to their excellent insulation properties
  • Good locking mechanism to prevent break-ins
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean

Sleek & Stylish Sliding Doors

If you are a homeowner looking for sliding doors in Norwich or the wider Norfolk areas and are considering undertaking home improvements, including adding more light to your home via glass sliding doors, then do get in touch with us.

We have two decades of experience in the industry for you to benefit from.

Bring your home bang up to date with sleek and stylish sliding doors. They help you make the most of your inside and outdoor space, helping you make the most of the home you’ve worked hard for.

Get in touch today for sliding doors in Norwich and the surrounding areas.