Proper Roof on Conservatory Norfolk

Are you considering a proper roof on your conservatory?

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Getting better use out of your conservatory

Do you find your conservatory is closed for a large part of the year?

There is nothing more frustrating that wasted space in your home. Especially when there is an easy solution. A proper roof. The roof on your property is insulated so that it protects your home from the elements but also regulates the temperature inside. Without insulation you are faced with heat escaping and penetrating.

If you have a lovely conservatory that you want to take advantage of, a proper roof is for you. With a solid roof the conservatory, more than ever, becomes an extension of your home. The space can be used for many things to suit your lifestyle. Likewise a proper solid roof comes in a variety of styles meaning that the conservatory will look part of your home whatever the style.

If you are putting a proper roof on your conservatory in Norfolk we are happy to advise.

About Solid Roofs

Standard conservatory roofs lack the superior insulation of a proper roof which is why you experience the extreme temperatures. Too hot in the summer, when the reflective material allows the sun to heat up the space.

Too cold in the winter when the warm air escapes. Either way your conservatory is not comfortable for many months of the year. Heating and cooling such a space is virtually impossible as there is nothing keeping the air in.

Our Roofs

A proper roof on a conservatory in Norfolk will offer excellent insulation. This will save you money on your energy bills. It is surprising how the heat lost through a conservatory can add up over the year.

Our experienced installation experts use only the highest quality materials so you can be certain that your proper roof will stand the test of time. No matter what the elements throw at it. If you are ready to make the most of your conservatory, get in touch with us today.