Cost to change conservatory roof

Fed up with your conservatory and wondering if you should have a single-storey extension built instead? Before you do anything, consider that changing your current flat glass conservatory roof to a solid, pitched roof will make all the difference. And better still, it’s not particularly expensive either.

Certainly, once your new roof is installed and you see how energy efficient it is, you won’t spend nearly as much on utility bills. That’s because it won’t lose heat in the winter, nor will it overheat during the summer months, causing you to scurry off and bring through a temporary (and expensive) air conditioner. And that means you will continue to save money over the years.

Cost to change conservatory roof: benefits

You’ll also find that you will want to spend longer in your conservatory, meaning it really will feel like an additional space for your home. And it’ll be one which you can relax and use all year round.

Another benefit many homeowners find when changing their conservatory roof to a hard, tiled version is that they also feel safer. That’s because it’s more difficult to break into a tiled, pitched roof than it is to prize off a flat, glazed panel.

Cost to change conservatory roof: sustainable

A flat roof can also cause problems when it rains as debris, such as leaves and litter, can collect and pool on top of the roof. A pitched roof, on the other hand, allows you to install a rainwater collection system. The rain will run freely from the roof into a barrel via a channel that you can easily install. You can then use the water for toilet flushing and irrigating the garden. It means you’re using less mains water and which will prove another saving on your utilities – this time, your water bill.

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