What is the average conservatory extension cost in the UK?

Adding a conservatory to your existing property has long been a way of adding space, value and style to your home. It helps to bring the outdoors in, with large windows letting in lots of light. It’s great for swinging open the doors in the summer months and creating a transition space between the house and garden. And, if the insulation is right, it can be a really comfortable and snug.

However, before you embark on any conservatory project, you need to know what the average conservatory extension cost will be.

To help you figure these out, we have broken down the stages of payment and expenditure that you can expect to encounter when planning a new extension of this kind.

conservatory Installers NorwichPlanning costs

In most cases you don’t need planning permission for a conservatory but if you live in a listed building or preservation area then you will. This includes some costs to get planning sorted. It’s always worth checking with your local planning department before starting any project.


To get a really clear picture of the cost then you need to think about your preferred material. The cheapest option is uPVC, a durable and lightweight material. For a small conservatory of this kind you should be thinking about paying between £7,000 and £11,000. If you choose wood or other materials then the cost can rise to between £12,000 and £16,000.

The type of glass you choose also has a bearing on the overall costs. Additional materials such as flooring, heating and decoration can also add more to the total.


Most quotes you get for your project will include installation as part of the deal. But it is always worth checking there will be no additional labour costs.


It depends what area you are in as to the cost. In London and the South East the costs can be more than in other parts of the UK. A new conservatory in norfolk however is a little cheaper.

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