Lightweight Conservatory Roof Replacement

Are you in the market for a new conservatory roof?

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About Your New Roof

Is your current conservatory so cold in winter that you can’t use it, yet it’s too warm during the summer months? If so, then it’s definitely time to get a new roof.

At P&K Home Improvements, we recommend a lightweight conservatory roof replacement. Since 2010 Building Regulations have changed – to the extent that it’s no longer necessary to have a mostly transparent roof on your conservatory.

Glass or PVC conservatory roof replacement?

You could have a new polycarbonate or glass roof installed. The latter is more expensive but also more effective in terms of insulation. It’s also lovely if you’re the type who likes to lie back and look up at the sky. A PVC roof isn’t expensive, but it will let you down in terms of poor thermal performance and higher utility bills. It’s also not an environmentally friendly material.

The trouble with both options though – glass and PVC is that it’s now considered an old-fashioned look. Many interior designers these days believe it is far better to have a solid roof as it takes on the look of a trendier house extension.

Tiled conservatory roof replacement

When we talked about having a new lightweight conservatory roof replacement, we had in mind a tiled version. A tiled roof is flexible enough to have a skylight and Velux roof windows so you can still see out and have natural light flooding into the room. The lightweight synthetic tiles are added to a lightweight aluminium frame, and the internal ceiling is plastered over.

Tiled roofs not only look great because they can mimic the look of natural cement, stone or slate tiles, but their thermal rating is excellent too. And that means it will add value to the cost of your home, making a solid roof a much better option for when you come to sell and move on.

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