Hard roof conservatories

What is a hard roof conservatory?

  • Guardian Roofs and Ultraframe roofs are hard tiled
  • We've been fitting conservatory roofs for nearly two decades
  • Tiled conservatory roofs are more thermally efficient

Why Upgrade Your Conservatories Roof?

At P&K Home Improvements, we use Guardian Warm Roofs, being their top installer in the Norwich area. We appreciate their design and their thermal efficiency – to the extent that it’s our number one recommended roof replacement solution for old conservatory roofing.

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Hard roof conservatory: costs

Guardian Roofs are a prefabricated build. Once we come out and measure your existing conservatory roof area, we can go ahead and have a custom roof made especially for you. We do this off-site and under cover so that even if it’s raining, the manufacture of your roof will still go ahead.

And that means there are no delays (unless, of course, it’s blowing a gale when we attempt to install it). Most roofs are built and installed within three days.

Hard roof conservatory: benefits

A great way of improving your home’s EPC rating, a pitched and tiled conservatory roof will also add a contemporary touch to your home. And that means it will also add to the value of the property should you come to sell it at some point in the future.


In terms of energy efficiency, though, a Guardian roof will definitely save you in energy costs. That’s because you won’t need to heat the conservatory as much in winter or use air conditioning during the sweltering summer months.

Instead, you will have a consistent temperature in your conservatory all year round. And that means you’ll be able to use your conservatory more than ever, so that it really does feel like an additional room in your home.

Roof tiles for your conservatory are also better at keeping out noise than glass or polycarbonate sheets. And when you can’t hear the traffic or neighbour’s children, then that’s another reason to stay in your conservatory and enjoy it for longer.