Double glazed windows Norwich

Are you looking for double glazing in Norwich?

  • At P&K Home Improvements, we offer top quality double glazing and fitting

  • We have nearly two decades of experience in professionally fitting windows

  • We can offer uPVC or aluminium double-glazed fitted windows

Why Choose Us?

At P&K Home Improvements we specialise in fitting double glazed windows for your home. Our window systems all have the benefit of German engineering behind them and will fit any number of designs. From casement windows to bay windows and sash windows, we have a system to suit your needs. We also offer a wide variety of colours and materials. So, whether you want charcoal window frames to suit your charcoal front door, or white matt frames for a traditional look, then we can supply you with the best quality window and frames on the market.

There are many benefits from upgrading your windows from single to double glazing. It’s not just about aesthetics either. Or even security. No, the number one reason people choose to invest in double glazing for their homes these days is energy efficiency. That’s not difficult to understand considering the price hikes in the cost of gas and electricity these days. Even the government understands the importance of thermal efficiency. They passed legislation which declared that from the year 2002 all replacement windows had to be double glazed.

What Makes Double Glazing Important?

But what is it about double glazed windows that make them so thermally efficient? Double glazing is two layers of glass with a layer of gas lying in between.

That results in twice the amount of insulation as single glazed home windows. Two panes of glass make double glazing twice as tough as single glass, meaning it’s much harder for an intruder to break into your home.

Keeping You Warm

Another advantage of double-glazed windows is that they reduce condensation. This is a build-up of water vapour which sits on the surface of the glass. If there’s a lot it can result in dampness and mould. That’s not a healthy combination for any room in your home.

It also interferes with the view from your window. Double glazing can prevent this due to the airtight seal between the two glass panes.