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One of the main reasons that people move home is that they need more space. A growing family, working from home or extended family, it is easy to outgrow a home quickly. Of course moving house is an option but upsizing can be expensive, not to mention incredibly stressful. If you love your home and would just like to extend your space, moving home may not be an attractive option.

If moving is not appealing many consider an extension. Although less expensive than moving home, an extension can run into tens of thousands of pounds. An extension is a long process that can be a headache. You may need to sort out planning permission and then endure months of work. It may even be necessary to find another place to live whilst work takes place, especially if you have a young family. An extension is notoriously expensive and you must always consider the ceiling price of your street.

Exactly What You Need

A conservatory is the perfect answer to your living space issues. As conservatory suppliers in Norfolk we are experienced in extending people’s homes with the perfect conservatory. A much more economical option, a conservatory from P&K Home Improvements will be fitted efficiently with no need for planning permission.

It is by far the least stressful way of extending your living space. With our superior solid roofs your conservatory will seamlessly look part of your property.

Warm Roofs

You may have heard that a conservatory can’t be used all year round. They’re too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This is true - if they are not fitted with a superior solid roof.

We have over 17 years experience in conservatory installation and can guide you through the many choices of solid roof or tiled roof to fit perfectly with the style of your property. Our improved insulation options means that your new conservatory can be used all year round.

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