Conservatory Room Norfolk

Getting a Conservatory Room:

Having a conservatory room built is not necessarily a tricky, expensive or even a stressful process. P & K Home Improvements pride themselves on making their work as seamless as possible with their exceptional top-quality service and caring customer support.

Maximise your home space

Getting a conservatory room built is the perfect solution to everyone’s need for more space. A conservatory offers you the opportunity of your children having somewhere to play or do their homework, it gives you the dream dining room that you have always wanted, a much needed home office or an idyllic sunny sanctuary to hide in and read a book with a cup of tea.

Guardian Roofs

Building a conservatory room is definitely one of the easiest ways to transform your home. Free up valuable space by creating an area that every member of your family will love to use. Create a room in which you will be able to make special memories together for years to come due to our state-of-the-art Guardian conservatory roofs.

Mainstream conservatory roofs are frequently constructed from non-insulated glass or a polycarbonate structure, both of which offer very poor thermal performance, making them unusable.

Approved Installers

We are Guardian Roof approved installers, which means that we will only fit your conservatory with a Guardian Roof. Guardian Roofs are a stylish and elegant solution to conservatory roofing whilst also providing excellent thermal performance. This is because they are made from fully insulated tiling.

Getting a conservatory room built with a Guardian Roof comes with a 10-year guarantee and there are loads of colours and styles to choose from in their range of tiles.


You will see the benefit of Guardian roof’s impressive thermal performance in your fuel bills, saving you money and helping to save the environment. Not only do Guardian roofs lower your energy bills, they also help to filter outside noise meaning that you can enjoy peace and quiet in your home’s new haven.

If you are looking to build a conservatory room in Norfolk, then contact P & K Home Improvements today on 01603 563278 and start making your home your heaven.