Conservatory Roof Specialists

Are you looking for reliable Conservatory Roof Specialists in Norfolk?

  • P&K have more than 17 years' experience in the conservatory business
  • We can transform your conservatory with a Guardian warm roof system.

Why Use Us?

When you need to speak to conservatory roof specialists, P&K Home Improvements are the people you should be calling. As conservatory roof specialists, they are experts in their field. They know exactly what is required to transform a tired, old and inefficient conservatory into a room that everyone wants to enjoy.

Whether you are one of the scores of people now working from home, or if you just need more space, speaking to P&K Home Improvements will ensure that you get what you need from your conservatory. As conservatory roof specialists, Father and Son team Peter and Karl approach every job with passion, dedication and a huge amount of experience and knowledge delivering great results over and over again.

P&K Home Improvements create incredible conservatories all the time, and they don’t just look amazing, they are amazing. P&K Home Improvements are Guardian Warm Roof Approved Installers, which means that your new conservatory will provide you with enhanced thermal performance. Traditionally, conservatory roofs were made out of non-insulated glass or a polycarbonate structure. This made them very cheap to build and very quick to erect. However, this also made them freezing cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer.

Re-claim Your Conservatory

Over time, the occupants of the home would find that sitting in their conservatory to read a book or practise yoga was uncomfortable and unpleasant. They stopped using the space and it became a junk room for all of that stuff that they hadn’t got around to sorting out yet. By having your conservatory roof replaced with a Guardian Warm Roof by Peter and Karl, the conservatory roof specialists, you will escape this bleak future of a space wasted.

If you are currently sitting working from your kitchen or dining table, imagine how nice it would be to set up your own home office? Your productivity would skyrocket and we know that your boss will soon be thanking you in a few months’ time.

Reduce Energy Bills

Even if you are retired and do not need a home office, just having the extra space to retreat to is reason enough to call the conservatory roof specialists, P&K Home Improvements. You will finally have a warm and welcoming space to enjoy your hobbies, or a special family dining room, or even a home entertainments suite!

If you needed any further encouragement, Guardian Warm Roofs actually reduce the cost of your energy bills due to their enhanced thermal performance. What more of an incentive could you need? Furthermore, Guardian Warm Roof tiles come in a wide variety of different coloured tiles and styles so there is something to suit every home.