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Guardian Warm Roofs

At P&K Home Improvements, we are Team Guardian members and approved installers of the Guardian Warm Roof System, an insulated pitched conservatory roof that delivers energy efficiency, consistent temperatures all year and looks aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you can add Velux windows for increased ventilation.

Types of conservatory roofs

Changing your conservatory roof in Norfolk will not only significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency, but it will also improve the design and modernise the look of the conservatory. It’s an easy, cheaper way to gain an extra room in your home that you can use all year round. There are a range of options, including:

- Fully tiled. Whether it’s a pitched roof, lean-to roof or flat roof, a fully tiled conservatory roof reduces the amount of sunlight and acts as a thermal insulator. This means it's far easier to maintain a comfortable temperature.

- Insulated ceilings. With a solid conservatory roof, add an insulated ceiling to increase energy efficiency and control the temperature.

- Solar control. If you don’t want a solid roof and want to allow as much light into the conservatory as possible, solar-controlled glass panel roofs reflect the light and heat away, allowing you to control the temperature and save money.

- Roof colours. A solid roof allows you to choose a tile colour that blends in with the colours and appearance of your entire home.

Conservatory roof Norwich: adding value

Before changes to planning laws, conservatory roofs without planning permission had to be at least 75% translucent, which means they either had a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof. This results in conservatories that get too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, don’t blend in with your home’s style and end up adding pounds to your energy bill. Who wants a room you can only use 25% of the year?

The good news is that since June 2022, your conservatory roof in Norfolk can be solid and pitched without planning permission. In fact, the government recently introduced new conservatory regulations (Part L, which refers to conserving fuel and power) around the design and building of conservatories that limits the amount of glazing. This is part of their climate emergency initiatives to make conservatories far more energy efficient and avoid ‘unwanted solar gain’, i.e. stop creating the intense greenhouse effect often associated with conservatories.

If you have an old conservatory roof that needs replacing, want to change it tso that it blends in with your home’s aesthetics, or are planning to add a new conservatory, there are different types of conservatory roofs to consider.

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P&K Home Improvements is a family business in Norfolk whose reputation is built on quality workmanship and great customer service. If you’re thinking of having a conservatory built, or changing the roof of your current conservatory, we are happy to come and give you a no-obligation quote. To find out more:

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