Conservatories for bungalows Norfolk

Do you live in Norfolk and looking for a conservatory?

  • At P&K Home Improvements, we are skilled craftsmen
  • All our conservatories are built to a very high standard.
  • Our conseratories can be built with a thermal efficient roof

Are you a homeowner in need of more space?

Every bungalow we build and fit here at P&K Home Improvements is custom-built. In other words, we’ll design it according to your individual needs and budget. It may be, for instance, that it was to be wheelchair accessible, or you may prefer to have a tiled rather than a wooden floor. Do you want doors that open outwards, or do you prefer bifold doors? What about French doors or panelled doors? It can take some time to sit down and choose your conservatory, and we’re happy to come and discuss it with you. After all, our team has

almost two decades in the trade, so can certainly keep you up to date on all the latest options available to you.

Conservatories for bungalows Norfolk: benefits

Choosing a conservatory for your bungalow brings lots of benefits – some of which, like added space, light and value – we have already mentioned. But another big benefit is the opportunity to get closer to nature.

That’s because your conservatory doors can be opened in good weather so that it feels as if you’re practically sitting in the garden.

Conservatories for bungalows Norfolk: style

Lean-to conservatories work particularly well for bungalows. That’s down to their sloped roofs, which happen to be low enough to fit in well with the property.

A Hipped back Edwardian conservatory – also known as a doubled hipped conservatory – has a sloping pitched roof which makes this type of extension look as if it stands separately from your main building. Visually and practically, a hipped-back conservatory is a very popular choice for bungalow homeowners.