Composite front doors Norwich

Looking to improve your front of home kerb appeal?

  • At P&K Home Improvements we supply top quality composite front doors
  • We have a range of composite door colours and styles – from traditional to contemporary

  • Our experienced fitters provide an excellent after-sales service

Why Choose Us?

Here at P&K Home Improvements, we can provide an impressive selection of composite front doors for you to choose from. Getting the right front door – in terms of both style and colour – is important. Not just because you will look at it every day, but because it’s often the focal point for the front of your house. Also, composite doors are built to last so choose the right door in the first instance and you will never have to replace it again for as long as you live there.

Then there is the whole energy efficiency and security aspect too. You will be glad to hear that today’s composite front doors are sturdy (with a reinforced core) and with very high-quality locks built in – enough to deter any potential burglar. Meanwhile, if the door is fitted properly by a qualified fitter, then the seals will be good enough to help retain heat in your home, resulting in lower utility bills all year round. In fact, composite doors actually exceed Building Standard levels for thermal efficiency.

What Is a Composite Door?
Essentially, a composite door combines the traditional, high-end appeal of hardwood with an insulating interior made of a variety of different materials, such as wood, uPVC, foam insulation and steel reinforcement (hence the term ‘composite’

Which Style?

Getting back to the look and style of your door, composite doors are produced to such a high standard these days that they can resemble real wood. Contemporary composite doors are available in a modern flat-grain finish and with a variety of glazed designs. Traditional composite doors are panelled and usually, also contain glazing.

Many have a 1930’s to 40’s aesthetic. Cottage composite doors provide a farmhouse appeal and have a textured tongue and groove-grained finish. They come in both half glazed and side panel styles or even stable door look.