Composite Doors Norwich

Wondering why you should invest in a composite door?

  • There is a wide range of colours and styles available
  • We both source and fit the doors ourselves here at P&K Home Improvements Composite doors are long-lasting and tougher than timber

What Is A Composite Door?

If you’re considering upgrading her home with composite doors in Norwich, you can’t do any better than speaking to us. Not only do we have an impressive range of colours and styles to choose from, but we also have the best after-sales service in Norwich.

What you get with composite doors is the high-end look of hardwood combined with an insulating interior. It’s insulating because it’s packed full of foam insulation, wood, uPVC and even steel at the core.

It’s this insulating and tough core that makes our composite doors in Norwich both so secure and, at the same time, energy-efficient (provided they are fitted properly by an expert such as ourselves). In terms of security, all composite doors these days have super-strong multi-point mechanism locks built-in, meaning you can rest assured no burglar is going to get into your home either through your front or back door.

Composite Doors are Very Durable

And it’s not just burglars that you have to look out for, of course. Kids coming and going through doors and slamming them, dogs chewing at them and even kids writing on the surface of doors – we’ve heard it all. We’re pleased to say that composite doors can withstand that kind of treatment – certainly, much better than a traditional timber door can.

And that includes the weather – wooden doors can fade and warp over time when exposed to strong sunshine. Not so with your composite door, which doesn’t need half as much maintenance either.

Many Styles and Colours

If you plan on investing in a composite door in Norwich for the front of your house, then you can have windows inserted. There are so many styles to choose from today that it can take hours to look through a brochure and decide. Think contemporary, country cottage, traditional, panelled…

Find out more by contacting the dedicated, expert team at P&K Home Improvements today.