Cheap uPVC Doors Norwich

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P&K Home Improvements

At P&K Home Improvements, we have been supplying and installing uPVC doors for more than 17 years now. This means that we can source the best quality uPVC doors and fit them with expertise. It also means that you don’t have to worry about our craftsmanship or how well your door will stand up to the winter elements

Our range of cheap uPVC doors Norwich

We have an impressive variety of new uPVC doors to choose from. Whether you are looking for a traditional, classic or contemporary uPVC front door, there is bound to be something to suit your style. You can also choose from different colours, starting at a classic white or black and going all the way up to purple, green or red.

There are also, of course, our uPVC doors with a light oak or lovely rosewood finish. If preferred, it’s also possible to have a different finish on either side of the door, i.e. a wood-look façade on the outside and a white painted door on the interior hallway side.

Cheap uPVC doors Norwich with glass

Our collection of uPVC doors also offers you the choice of having a glass inset. Again, the styles vary enormously here, with contemporary front doors tending to have small vertically placed square windows.

Traditional doors, on the other hand, will have a large pane on the upper half of the window, while many Georgian front doors will have a semi-circle glass inset at the top of the door.

Safety and security

All uPVC doors these days come with a multi-point locking system. This prevents anyone from breaking into your home by picking the lock, and it also provides a sturdiness to the door itself.

For more information on our uPVC doors – or windows – then do please get in touch with us. Tel: 01603 563 278, email [email protected] or fill in our contact form, which you’ll find on the website.