Bi-Fold Doors Norwich

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What Is A Bi-Fold Door?

A bi-fold door is one that folds into sections when pushed. And, in fact, you can have as many sections to the door as you like – you’re not restricted to just two, as the name suggests. It’s why many of our customers choose bi-fold doors for their rear single-storey extensions in Norwich.

Unlike traditional doors, bi-fold doors don’t swing outwards or toward you; instead, they ‘concertina’ together. For this reason, they work particularly well in rooms and areas where there isn’t a lot of space, such as for a patio or balcony. They are also much more compact than having a sliding door in your home.

A More Contemporary Style

Bi-fold doors aren’t just used externally, they can also be an excellent internal home improvement if you want to have an open-plan living space – but not all the time. You can, for instance, simply close the bi-fold doors across when you want a little privacy.

Another plus for installing bi-fold doors to your property is that they are a contemporary ‘must-have’ for many homeowners. This will make your home more appealing should you come to sell it and move on. Your bi-fold doors will also bring in a lot more light than if, for instance, you had a standard partition or a wall blocking out the outdoors. Bi-fold doors are also easy to clean since you can access the whole glass area.

Lightweight & Simple

Other benefits of bi-fold doors include the fact that they are lightweight, and easy enough for a child to move. They are also relatively easy to fit. Having said that, it’s always better to get your bi-fold doors in Norwich installed by a professional fitter, such as ourselves here at P&K Home Improvements.

To find out more about the materials bi-fold doors can be produced from, as well as the size and whether they’re right for your home, why not contact the team here today?